Policy of Kumarakom Houseboat Booking

  1. Check in time is 12 Noon and check out time is 9AM for houseboat bookings for 21hrs, delays at the time of check in will not be compensated at check out time. Food menu is fixed in houseboat with all applicable taxes.
  2. A/C timing will be in between 9PM to 6AM unless mentioned. From 5.30 PM to 6 AM houseboat will be anchored due to government ban on using boat at this time.
  3. Only 3 adults can be occupied in a single room.
  4. Make sure about all your belongings before leaving boat, further claims will not be entertained.
  5. Due to unexpected technical snag if Ac doesn’t works, stay in same boat continues on Non AC terms and the client is eligible for a refund of maximum Rs.1000.
  6. Guests will have no access to Kitchen and self-cooking is prohibited. To cook additional food of guest choice will carry extra cost and service charges which should be settled directly to the boat crew before get off.
  7. Guest have to pay additional cost as per tariff on spot to serve soft drinks and beverages.
  8. Misbehavior and unmannerliness from guest will not be tolerated and will report to the concerned authorities.
  9. If houseboat cause any damage due to carelessness of the guests, their children or wards must be compensated by guests to the houseboat owner before leaving.
  10. Guests must cling to the instructions of crew members while check-in, check-out, cruising, anchoring and docking of boat, it is a safety measure.
  11. Cruise Hours: Morning 7.30 AM to 8.30 AM [thereafter check out] and 12 Noon to 5.30 PM, provided 1 hour to serve lunch. Only day cruises are fixed and it is depended to weather conditions.
  12. Any unspecified, unforeseen immediate or indirect costs, whatever which can bring about separated from expressed, should be settled by means of guests specifically before get off.
  13. Booking work environments/dealers/tour operators needs to give a clarification for and make cognizant the buyer ahead of time about houseboat overnight stay terms and circumstances while tolerating or adjusting reservations to keep away from all assortments of miscommunication from there on.
  14. We are best aggregator platform for booking houseboats and at no time would be able to go about as chiefs for your particular duties and individual obligations. we’re in this way not obligated for your demonstrations, wrongdoing, oversights nor are we in charge of taking care of any of your private issues; for example, we are not liable for guaranteeing the security of your non-open property, travel records, and numerous others. whenever prior to the graduation of the voyage or after it or amid the journey.
  15. No obligation may be taken through Kumarakom Houseboat club with respect to the typical for any administration and all appointments are made issue to the expressions and states of these service providers.
  16. Your legal recourse is against the specific provider and not Kumarakom Houseboat Club.
  17. In the event that for any reason, any houseboat specialist organization can’t give the administrations to which you have gotten your cure lies against the supplier and not with Kumarakom Houseboat Club.
  18. We don’t assume any liability for any misfortune, damage or harm to individual or anything because of any episodes outside our ability to control.
  19. Children responsibility and security entirely vested upon guardians while their stay at houseboat.
  20. We don’t have any protection strategy and it is the explorer’s duty to ensure you have enough protection scope. All baggage and individual property/s are at the visitors hazard constantly.
  21. Precision Not Guaranteed-We can’t and don’t ensure the precision of any administration that might be given to you by houseboat administrator. For example, photos of the insides of the houseboat rooms posted on our site have been sourced from the particular Houseboat proprietors/administration, the visual interest of a room chose by you can’t and isn’t ensured by us. So also, while we guarantee you of pleasant occasions, we can’t and don’t ensure or speak to that such backwater visit will be according to your psychological discernment, creative energy or considered such visits.
  22. Houseboat appointments are acknowledged by the operators. We will acknowledge the statements subsequent to checking with them. Incase the operator acknowledges some other appointments through various source and if you have done the payment we will discount the amount you have paid.
  23. All debate will be liable to jurisdiction of Cochin courts only.