3 Bedroom Houseboat

3 bedroom houseboat Kumarakom stay is specially for families and groups. On your Kerala tour, Staying one night in Kumarakom houseboat may probably in your bucket list. Booking Kumarakom houseboats is difficult since most of the trusted and genuine houseboat operators have no online presence. Kumarakom Houseboat rates for one day is comparatively cheaper in Kumarakom Houseboat Club. 3 bedroom shared boat is also available in Kumarakom. Minimum occupancy in 3 bedroom is 6 and maximum of 9 adults. Get best offer for 3 bedroom houseboat at Kumarakom, Enjoy the Backwater cruise at Kumarakom with your loved ones. Houseboat food menu is fixed and don’t compare houseboat with hotel like facilities.

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